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Making an important travel decision to Haifa would be one of the most important things that could happen in your life. The city has everything that every visitor would wish to see in a tourist destination. To ensure that you move conveniently from one spot to another, Haifa car hire service companies are available to ensure that you get the best vehicle within your budget and requirements. But how much of information do you have at hand before hitting off the road for Haifa? Will you achieve what you want to see there? Continue reading.

Haifa is a city in Northern Israel and it's not only the biggest city in Northern Israel but also ranked as the third largest city in Israel. The population adds up to 265,000 while an additional 300,000 people live in other adjacent cities. Both Jews and Arabs live in Haifa and has the Bahá'í World Centre which is listed as a heritage site by UNESCO. Haifa is one of the few cities that have rich history which dates back to biblical times.

The city started in 14th century but underwent many chances both in growth and change of possession. It was conquered and ruled by many different groups which included Arabs, Egyptians, British, Crusaders and many more. Haifa is governed through Haifa municipal Council. This occurred immediately after Egypt was declared as an independent state in 1948. Haifa is accessed by sea through Haifa port located at the Bay of Haifa. Due to its proximity to Tel Aviv, Haifa continues to be a regional center that serves the entire northern part of Israel. Haifa is home to a number of high technology parks which are not only large but also the nations oldest. It also has a refinery and a petroleum refinery which provides the much needed services to the people of Israel. Haifa is located on Israelis Mediterranean Coastal plain which is the main landbridge that separates Africa, Asia and Europe.

Haifa city has three tiers which makes it easy to administer service delivery to the entire metropolis. Haifa has rich fauna and flora. There are natural valleys which are not developed. Wild animals which include the golden jackals, chameleons and Wild boars are easily found in the natural environments which have not been inhabited. 

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