Chiang Mai - Holiday Inn Hotel - Nature and Night Adventure


The Holiday Inn Hotel, Chiang Mai is just fifty-five minutes flight from Bangkok. There are approximately thirty domestic flights daily. If you are more of an adventure type, you may drive a rental car to Chiang Mai. It would take about seven hours. Once you arrive there, the Holiday Inn Hotel is just ten to fifteen minutes drive from Chiang Mai International Airport. If you arrive directly to the airport and taxi in to the city, there is car rental at the Holiday Inn Chiang Mai for your convenience or, if you prefer, a limousine service. 


Surrounded by mountains and forests, Chiang Mai is a great place for outdoor activities. The highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon, is here. Instead of driving your rental car, you should try riding an elephant! Maesa Elephant Camp, now open for almost thirty years, is about a one hour drive from the Holiday Inn. With waterfalls, streams, and jungle, you will experience elephant riding like no other. It is an authentic adventure of a lifetime. The camp is a home for seventy-eight elephants. The riding service is available daily and all year round from 7 am to 2:30 pm.


Another famous show at the camp is elephant painting. Not all but some of the elephants can paint. You may experience the amazing shows of live painting or the works on show in the gallery. Some of the paintings have been on display in galleries as far afield as New York, London, and Tokyo. If you purchase painting by an elephant, a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards the conservation of the Asian elephants. 


After spending all day at the elephant camp, you can hop in your rental car and drive back to the city. Night life activities in Chiang Mai are as vibrant as any other place. First and foremost, it is impossible to not talk about food. Unlike Thai dishes that you have ever tried, authentic northern authentic dishes will leave you in awe. The best examples are Naam Prik Ong (grounded pork dip), Kao Soy (chicken curry noodle soup), and Khanom Jeen Naam Ngeow (Siamese pasta with pork curry). After dinner, you get a chance to burn off those delicious calories and offload some money at the night markets. Silver jewelry and accessories are highly recommended. They are locally made by the Karen, a hill tribe. Some pieces are one of a kind. Be sure you get one before you leave Chiang Mai.

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