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Funchal Airport - Gateway to the Beautiful World in Madeira

Funchal is the capital city of Madeira and the Funchal Airport is located 16 km from the city. It is also known as the Madeira Airport and many people know it by the name of Santa Catarina Airport. The airport serves international, domestic and chartered flights to and from numerous destinations in the world. Some of major international destinations are Copenhagen, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and few others that have direct flight connections with the airport. There are many facilities available at the airport that includes the duty free shops. Besides the duty free shops, many other high-class shops are present at the airport.

Tourists and passengers can walk to the Departure Hall to buy wide range of cosmetics, liquor, toys and confectionary items without paying customs duty at the Aldeasa Duty Free Shop. Passengers can visit other shops on the levels 0, 1 and 2 in the Departure Halls for number of local products, newspapers and books, handicrafts, leather products, flowers, travel accessories, souvenirs and perfumes as well. The Funchal Airport has many other facilities for the passengers and visitors such as bank and ATM machines located at so many places in the terminal area. The passengers and travelers can enjoy the facility of internet as well. There are currency exchangers and netpoint machines also available at the terminal building and a post office is present to serve the passengers. Family room or the baby changing areas and toilets are available in plenty of numbers throughout the airport. The tourists can leave their luggage at the airport at the left luggage facility counter. The tourists can hire the rental cars by logging on to the internet and at the car rental agencies' service booths. The tourists can use the tool for car hire comparison at any of the websites to compare the rates given by different car rental companies.

Funchal Airport Car Rental: Bringing You to Madeira's Best

Off for some relaxing holiday fun? Funchal, in the south of Madeira could offer you the kind of getaway you want - an escape of less party and more natural fun. Funchal Airport, also called as Madeira Airport, is dubbed as the gateway to Madeira. It was formerly identified as one of the most dangerous airports in the world because of a short runway, but after its rebuilding and expansion, it was recognized for engineering and architectural brilliance. Now, the airport brings in daily flights from Lisbon and other cities from Europe. With the airport 16 kilometers away from the city, the most ideal way to get to the city will be in a Funchal Airport cheap car hire. Yes, there are many online car services but you have to book earlier due to the influx of visitors to the city. A good car waiting for you at the airport is a good way to start your holiday. Might be that you are wondering where to go. Drive your Funchal Airport car hire to exit 11 and just follow the road and that will bring you to your destination. There are so many must-sees in Funchal. Aside from its beautiful gardens, Funchal is also home to Laurisilva Forest, a UNESCO National Site. You can also take a boat ride for some peaceful whale watching or to nearby Porto Santo, which has a quiet stretch of beaches to escape to, and yes, the Christopher Columbus house is another attraction in the island. Head back to the harbor promenade for some food and wine. Be sure to bring back with you the best of Madeira wines. With so many things to enjoy in Funchal, you wouldn't know that it would be time again to get back to reality. You can drive back to the airport using your Funchal Airport car rental through highway ER101. This won't be the last. You will definitely find yourself coming back for more of Funchal. 

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