Car Hire Madeira Airport 

Madeira Airport, the door to a memorable and exotic experience

Madeira Airport also known as Funchal Airport, and formerly known as Santa Catarina Airport is an international airport located near Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. The airport controls national and international air traffic of the island of Madeira. The airport has directories that you can lin and find Madeira airport cheap car hire service. A safe haven from today's modern society and just a short traveling distance from most European major cities; Madeira is surely a place that will transform your vacation to an unforgettable experience. The Madeira Island is also very popular because of its privileged geographical position and mountainous relief, have a surprisingly mild climate.

The mild average temperatures in the summer and in the winter, and a moderate level of humidity, confer upon these islands exceptional subtropical features. One can reach the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo by air or sea or land using the Madeira Airport cheap rentals. Because the ports of Funchal and Porto Santo are often visited by cruising ships, they serve as gateways to the islands, as well as departure points to other destinations. Connections between the islands are either by air or ferryboats, which also transport cars. You can also look for Madeira Airport car hire thanks to the modern road structure, which has been significantly improved in recent years. Practically all points of these islands are served by a good road and transport network. You do not need to hire a tour guide because the cars have enabled GPS navigation system that can guide you through the various sites in the city. It offers unique flexibility as you can visit any place you want at your own time. One other great thing about the airport is the fact that there is no hassle when entering the city, this is because at the airport you are only required to have a valid passport and there is no need for any kind of vaccination. The airport which was once infamous for its short runway and surrounded by high mountains and the ocean that made it a tricky landing for even the most experienced of pilots has been extended by 200 metres. This airport is also considered the Kai Tak of Europe because of its singular approach to runway. 

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