Growing niche tourism industry: faith travel

Sep 15th, 2012

Although faith tourism used to be a minor niche of the industry in the past, nowadays it seems to have obtained a relevant place. In addition, experts think that its significant potential will continue growing every year.

Faith tourism success has many reasons. For example, believers are eager to visit their own religious places. No matter what religion they are devoted to; millions of people organize these types of travels around the world every month. Naturally, there are some particular dates in which travel packages are more required if they are related to special celebrations. On the other hand, faith tourism has never seen as a luxury travel so it has not experienced yet the economic consequences from global recession.
Some of the countries that include faith tourism in their tourist routes are France, Switzerland, Cyprus, Japan, Nepal, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Germany, Greece, Egypt, India, Italy and Jordan, among others.

Tourism companies are committed to making these tourists religious experience unique so they offer a variety of options to make travelers enjoy their religious holidays. They have performed large researches in order to develop the best packages based on trends, objectives and target audience. However, these packages are a real challenge for tour operators because they have to combine religious spirit and visits with leisure activities. Despite that, every year tourism agencies add new tours to their offer.
Around the world, there are lots of incredible religious spots, which are the most important aim of faith tourists. These tourists visit the most emblematic religious places but many of them also want to experience other activities in the destination they choose.

Also, there are two groups of countries, which are considered to offer many religious places. First, Asian countries welcome thousands of people who want to celebrate their Buddhist religions. Secondly, Middle East, Americas and Europe receive more Christians tourist.
Those countries called “Bible lands” include Jordan, Israel and Egypt because they have been part of the history of Christianity. For example, Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem are only some of the cities included in these Bible places.

In France, Lourdes is the destination annually chosen by millions of Catholics pilgrims. Apart from Lourdes, France offer other marvelous historic and religious destinations, for instance Chartres and Notre Dame.
Those persons who are ready to start a faith travel should also consider other tourist items to really enjoy their trips. Therefore, check this link to know more about car rental option found in the place you will visit.

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