Millions Awaits the End of the World in Mexico

Sep 21st, 2012

According to the Mayan tribe prophecy the word would finish in December 2012; and the wide circulation of this ancient information has caused and incredible amount of a variety of tourism reservations in Mexico. Therefore, the end of the world could be bad news for millions but not for Mexican tourist agencies.
On the other hand, Mexico has lots of marvelous tourist proposal so this prophecy has increased visitors interest in this country. Additionally, Mexican tourist board has developed a collection of tourism strategies. In fact, it is thought that Mexico will spend millions of dollars in advertising and promoting the Mayan prophecy and culture. Mayan tribe was one of the most important and developed tribes in America so there will be many things to learn about them. Despite that, tourists are mainly attracted by the end of the world Mayan legend, which is perceived as an “event”.

Mexico’s tourism authorities will not waste this incredible opportunity to change its tourist destinations bad image (due to drug cartel violence). They have created some projects to encourage visitors from around the world to become happy tourist in Mexico. They want to promote Mexico’s traditions and culture beyond its beautiful beaches. Moreover, Mexico is an ideal country to explore eco and adventure tourism.
Mexican tourism experts think that more than 50 million tourists will visit Mexico over 2012, particularly those states which are directly connected with Maya heritage.
Maya tribe had a special talent for astronomy. For this reason, they based their prophecy on the study of stars and planet, which they developed through a primitive form of mathematics.

On the contrary, several scientists and sociologists from different countries explain that people want to believe that Mayan tribe kept a sort of secret and that they project all their fears and expectations on their ancient calendar.
Mexico has great places to visit. So those persons who are really interested in enjoying Mayan culture, Mexican traditions and fabulous landscapes, among other tourism items, should visit Mexico during 2012. They may have the opportunity to say “I was in Mexico when our world finished”.
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