Local citizens and visitors can enjoy “Barcelona Opportunity Week”

Oct 10th, 2012

Tourism authorities in the beautiful city of Barcelona have created a new proposal to stimulate a new way of tourism, especially for the local citizens: Barcelona Opportunity Week.

From January 27 to February 5, this innovative event will encourage Barcelona citizen and visitors from all over the world to know more about the city, to enjoy their best restaurants with special discounts and to buy from the most beautiful markets. In fact, discounts will be one of the attractions during Barcelona Opportunity Week because everybody will get the best prices on flights, hotels, bars, cultural events, food, etc. On the other hand, most offers include a contribution to the benevolent society specified in each section.

Many companies have decided to participate in the Barcelona Opportunity Week in different ways. For example, lost of famous brands provide hotels, restaurants and markets with packages of discounts. This year 22 hotels, 48 restaurants, 33 theaters, 18 museums, 14 art galleries, 16 markets and 41 flower shops will be members of this event. Additionally, some of the most renowned luxury hotels (for example, Hotel W) and some Michelin restaurants have created a dinner or lunch menu, which costs about €30 or accommodation packages at lower prices.

Barcelona is a city that invites visitors to go out. Fortunately, many people are experiencing Barcelona Opportunity Week right now so it is important to know every detail to be part of this happy group.

One of the aims of the Barcelona Opportunity Week is to promote the cultural tourism because Jaume Ciurana, Mayor of Barcelona City, believes that Barcelona soul is related to cultural buildings, places and events.

Many tourism experts consider that Barcelona Opportunity Week is the perfect combination to face the global crisis. With its incredible discounts local citizens and visitors will be able to enjoy first class tourism at low cost.

Visitors and local citizens need to decide how they will move from one place to another while enjoying the Barcelona Opportunity Week. So check the link below to know more details on Barcelona car rental. Car hire can be the best option to be part of the Barcelona Opportunity Week.

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