Rio Carnival: Let’s dance!

Aug 18th, 2013

Rio Carnival offers different tourist aspects to those visitors who are ready to experience one of the most beautiful and intense carnivals of the world.

In fact, carnival is celebrated in lots of cities and towns all over Brazil and in other countries. However, Rio de Janeiro is considered a sort of capital of carnival celebrations.

Rio Carnival consists in a 4-day celebration which takes place 40 days before Easter. It always starts on Saturday and finishes on Tuesday. According to ancient traditions, it represents a kind of festival of human pleasures and a farewell to the temptations of the flesh.


There are carnival events in every corner of the country and some of them also offer marvelous carnival celebrations. On the other hand, Rio Carnival is worldwide famous and the tickets to be part of the shows (in the Samba Parade) starts being sold several months before carnival arrives.

During Rio Carnival 2012, visitors will be able to enjoy music and dance but they will be also able to meet Brazilian culture through their monuments, buildings, food and traditions. Rio Carnival is the euphoric celebration where people from all over the world dance, sing, drink and eat all night long.

These four-day festivals are the result of lots of carnival plans that are developed during the whole year. Each member of the “escolas do sambas” has a goal to achieve by training, making costumes, dancing etc.


Additionally, the first event of the Rio Carnival is the crowing of the King Momo. After that, Rio Carnival starts its crazy and funny festival.

In February, Rio Carnival can be one of the most interesting tourist options for those who look for hot weather, sea, beaches and night and day savage parties. Additionally, each neighborhood in Rio has each street band. There are about 300 bands which take part of Rio Carnival in the city streets.

Like Rio Carnival is a very popular in the entire world, it is necessary to perform some preparation to obtain the best places in the Samba Parade and the accommodation visitors want to book. Therefore, booking in advance is advisable.


Rio de Janeiro is a big and spectacular city that has lots of attractions to offer during the carnival celebration and during the rest of the months. Therefore, get ready to enjoy it by renting the perfect vehicle for your transport needs.

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