Medical tourism: Stem cell banks

Aug 20th, 2013

Medical tourism has become very popular and a billionaire business. The main cause is that in the US stem cell research was restricted. Despite that, scientists have continued to investigate on it. For this reason, nowadays there are several tourism destinations which are committed to providing visitors the best medical therapies based on stem cell use. This has also created the need of stem cell banks.

Stem cell banks provide patients with a treasure more valuable than money: stem cells. This may sound like science fiction but it is a scientific reality. Most of the stem cell banks started to open between 2009 and 2010 and today they are a boom.

These stem cell banks are called “Life Centers” because in these luxury facilities everybody is committed to providing their visitors with health. One of the most famous is Chaum.


Despite all the advantages shown by stem cell treatments, stem cell banks are the subject of media attention because of the cost of their therapies and some controversial new treatments. For example, most membership fees cost more than US$150,000 besides some annual extra charges.


In Korea, stem cell treatments are permitted in some extent but Kyu Sung Rim, president of Chaum, is confident that they will be completely legalized soon. Chaum professional staff extracts and store patients’ stem cells to be applied in future potential treatments.

More than 40% of the patients in Chaum are foreigners so medical tourism is very common in Korea. They receive VIP patients from all over the world, and this group includes princes and princesses.


In Chaum, they try to provide patients with a healthy future for themselves and their family. Apart from that, they have designed a biological plan to revitalize skin through the injection of patients’ collagen stem cells.

Regenerative medicine and medical tourism are a successful team, and they are expected to go on extending beyond Korea.

For this reason, if you are interested to know more about stem cell banks, you can plan travel to Korea.

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