Traditional taste of old Japan

Aug 23rd, 2013

Everybody knows that Japan is visited by thousands of tourists every year. However, not so many people have discovered Japan as one of the best foodie destinations in the world.


Maruhachi Ryokan is located near Takayama and it is considered the perfect place to start a culinary pilgrimage. This city is different from other places in Japan. First of all, you can explore the ruins of the 17th century castle in the town's Shiroyama Park. In addition, Takayama is also known for its wooden buildings which were made by some of its inhabitants who were carpenters. Takayama streets are full of tourist shops.

Visitors who want to get rid of the noisy crowd should go up to smaller villages near Takayama for example, Maze.

The most fascinating Japanese inn is located in Maze, and it is called Maruhachi Ryokan. It is not possible to find any Internet access there and Chikako Hora, its owner, does not advertise its services. Most of Maruhachi's guests are foreigners who come to this part of Japan in order to enjoy the summer fishing season. On the other hand, during spring, Maze becomes a mountain vegetable paradise.


But the most important event in Maruhachi is dinner. It is served in a beautiful dining-room with a marvelous low black lacquered table covered by dragons and flowers. The dinner consists of eleven courses, and the waitress explains each dish in detail. Then, Chikako appears every night to greet guests. Chikako received the inn from her mother who was the previous and first “okami” (the mistress of the inn). She spends the whole afternoon in the kitchen and she works hard to offer visitors the most delicious Japanese dishes.


All those travelers who really want to meet the traditional taste of old Japan should stay some days in Maruhachi Ryokan. There they will learn more about Japanese traditions while enjoying Chikako’s food.

If you travel to Japan and want to meet Chikako and be one of her guests, you will need a car to drive up to Maruhachi Ryokan.

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